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About the Maine Pellet Fuels Association

Maine Pellet Fuels Association
Mission Statement

Maine Pellet Fuels Association (MPFA) is committed to a future of energy independence by helping the citizens of Maine and New England convert to economical, renewable, environmentally safe, and locally produced wood pellet fuel. MPFA is dedicated to supporting the sustainable management of our forests, the responsible growth of pellet manufacturing, the consistent production of high quality pellet fuel, the affordability and price stability of pellet fuel, and the use of clean-burning and efficient appliances so that the citizens of Maine and New England will have a reliable non-polluting source of heating fuel forever.

The Maine Pellet Fuels Association was founded in June 2008 as a non-profit corporation in Maine to promote the public benefit from utilizing pellets for heat and energy production, and to support pellet manufacturers and pellet industry suppliers in meeting common challenges.